Bin Hindi Logistics

Bin Hindi Logistics is a company that was founded in 2018 by Bin Hindi Group of Companies with offices located in Salhiya and Central Warehouse Located in A’Ali/ and Vehicle Yard located in Maa’meer, Bahrain. They currently have five locations in Bahrain plus locations in KSA, and soon in the UAE.

The Bin Hindi Logistics concept is a customer is always first, where we focus more on “Modern Warehousing and Logistics Management” and customized customer requirements. We have all resources to meet our customer’s requirement.

Our Warehouses

Central Warehouse
Warehouse for Tire, Batteries, Lubricants & Machineries related to Wheel Balancing machinery etc.
Auto Spare Parts Warehouse
All about KIA spare parts and cars accessories.
Electronics Warehouse
Samsung Mobile Phones, Apple Phones, Oppo phones, Samsung TVs, LED displays, Monitors, ...etc.
Vehicle Yard
All KIA vehicles with all types and models.

Bin Hindi Logistics

We provide Warehousing and Logistics services across the country and KSA- i.e. Customs clearance of shipment, receiving the shipments, Storages, Customer order delivery arrangements (Forward & Reverse Logistics), and insurance claim.

Contact Details

Building 2576, Road 4450, Block 744, A’Ali - Kingdom of Bahrain

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Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain additional information about all our services and everything you need.